шавқовар: interesting

Ӯ одами шавқовар ва боақл аст.
He is an interesting and intelligent man.
Дарсҳои иловагии мактаб он қадар шавқовар нестанд ва аксари ҳамсинфонам дар онҳо ширкат намекунанд.
The extra school lessons are not that interesting and most of my classmates don’t participate in them.

The adjective шавқовар is made up of two parts – шавқ: (interest, a noun) and suffix -овар (from the verb овардан – to bring).
There are many adjectives with the suffix -овар. Here are a few examples: хандаовар, шодиовар, шармовар, диловар.

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  1. These are all adjectives.
    хандаовар – funny; bringing laughter
    диловар – brave
    шармовар – shameful; bringing shame
    шодиовар – bringing joy;

    Шодиовар could be translated as joyful perhaps. Can people be шодиовар? Or just events?

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