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мутахассис: expert, specialist

Ман мутахассиси соҳаи зироат ҳастам.
I am a specialist in the field of agriculture.
Донишкада аз рӯи 19 ихтисос мутахассис тайёр мекунад.
The institute prepares specialists in 19 specializations.

This is a word of Arabic origin. Notice the same consonants in the word ихтисос – specialty, specialization.
Synonym – соҳибихтисос

ҳеҷ кас

ҳеҷ кас: nobody

Ҳеҷ кас набуд.
There was nobody.
Ҳеҷ кас ба мо нагуфт.
Nobody told us.
Ман ҳеҷ касро доварӣ намекунам.
I judge nobody. (I don’t judge anybody.)

Tajik is a language that uses double negatives, so if you use a phrase like ҳеҷ кас (nobody) or ҳеҷ вақт (never) you also have to put the verb in the negative.


хеле: very

Онҳо аз шаҳр хеле дур рафтанд.
They went very far from the city.
Пагоҳӣ, хеле барвақт хеста, берун рафт.
In the morning, getting up very early, he went outside.

Synonyms: бисёр, анча, ҷудо


шоха: branch

Булбул шоха ба шоха мепарад.
The nightingale flies from branch to branch.
Шохаҳои чормағзро барои ҳезум истифода мебаранд.
They use the branches of the walnut tree for firewood.

This word can be used in many of the same ways that we would use branch in English –
шохаи ҳокимият – branch of power (government)
шохаи дарё – branch of a river
шохаи забон – branch of a language
шохаи илм – branch of science


малах: locust

Хӯроки ӯ малах ва асали ёбоӣ буд.
His food was locusts and wild honey.
Баҳорон ғизои кабк бештар аз гамбуск, малах ва ҳар гуна кирмҳо иборат аст.
In spring the food of the partridge is composed mostly of beetles, locusts and all kinds of worms.

чун мӯру малах (or мӯру малах барин) – like ants and locusts; used when you want to say that there is a lot of something.
There is a very short article about locusts in Tajik at Wikipedia: Малах.


заминҷунбӣ: earthquake

Мо аз заминҷунбӣ метарсем.
We are scared of earthquakes.
Аз заминҷунбӣ дар Тоҷикистон касе осеб надидааст.
Nobody was injured from the earthquake in Tajikistan.

Synonyms: заминларза, зилзила
Doing a quick google search shows that of these three words зилзила is the most common, then заминларза, and lastly заминҷунбӣ.


моҳ: month

Моҳҳои июн, июл ва август моҳҳои тобистонанд.
The months of June, July and August are summer months.
Як сол иборат аз дувоздаҳ моҳ аст.
One year is composed of twelve months.

моҳона: monthly
Practice words about months and seasons here – Memrise: Tajik Months and Seasons.

Моҳ also means moon. See here – моҳ: moon


таърих: history

Адабиёти тоҷик таърихи ҳазорсола дорад.
Tajik literature has a thousand year history.
Мусиқии мардуми тоҷик таърихи бой ва қадим дорад.
The music of Tajik people has a rich and ancient history.

Related words –
таърихӣ: historic
таърихшинос: historian
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ғулом: slave, servant

Ғуломон дар конҳо кор мекарданд.
The slaves worked in the mines.
Ҳар кӣ гуноҳ мекунад, ғуломи гуноҳ аст.
Everyone who sins is a slave to sin.

Synonyms: банда, абд
Related words –
ғуломӣ: slavery
ғуломдор: slave owner
ғуломфурӯш: slave trader