ғайриимкон: impossible

Сохтани роҳ дар кӯҳҳо ниҳоят душвор, серхароҷот ва ҳатто дар баъзе ҷойҳо ғайриимкон аст.
Building roads in the mountains is extremely difficult, costly and even in some places impossible.
Барои Худо ҳеҷ чизи ғайриимкон нест.
For God nothing is impossible

имкон: possibility (noun)

The prefix ғаири means “without”, “outside” or “except for” so you can think of ғайриимкон as “without possibility”.

Other words with suffix ғаири –
ғайриилмӣ: unscientific
ғайримактабӣ: extra-curricular, outside of school
ғайрикорӣ: outside of work (or working hours)
ғайрикофӣ: not enough, insufficient
ғайримаҷбурӣ: without force, non-compulsory

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