Word A Day


маош: salary

Мо мехоҳем, ки ду ҳазор сомонӣ маош дошта бошем.
We want to have a salary of two thousand Somoni.
Маоши миёна дар Тоҷикистон дар соли ҷорӣ ба 127 доллар баробар будааст.
The average salary in Tajikistan for the current year is equal to 127 dollars.

Here is a recent short video of Dushanbe residents saying how much salary they would like to get.


дилсӯз: compassionate

Ба якдигар меҳрубон ва дилсӯз бошед.
Be kind and compassionate to one another.
Худованд бисёр дилсӯз ва раҳмдил аст.
God is very compassionate and merciful.

Another translation for дилсӯз is tenderhearted.
It would take a couple of days to study all the wonderful adjectives beginning with дил (heart), but well worth the effort. Here are a few: дилкушод –
generous; диловар – brave; дилзинда – cheerful


занона: women’s

Ту аз мағоза либоси занона харидӣ?
Did you buy women’s clothing from the shop?
Обкашонӣ имрӯз кори занона шудааст.
Today fetching water has become woman’s work.

Adding the suffix она to a noun forms an adjective. Занона could also be translated as “feminine”, “for woman” or “womanly”. Likewise, мардона could be translated as “men’s”, “masculine”, “manly” and “for men”. If the noun ends in a vowel the suffix is гона, as in бачагона – children’s, of children.


рӯзнома: newspaper

Мо рӯзнома мехонем.
We read newspapers.
Ман эълони шуморо аз рӯзнома хондам.
I read your announcement in the newspaper.

Many kinds of documents and printed materials are formed with a noun plus the suffix нома. Here are a few: созишнома – agreement; шиноснома – passport; таваллуднома – birth certificate.
There are more on this pdf: Expand Your Vocab – Suffixes

ба дунё омадан

ба дунё омадан : to be born

Бачахои мо дар Канада ба дунё омаданд.
Our children were born in Canada.
Дар деҳаи Панҷрӯди водии Зарафшон шоири номдори тоҷик Рӯдакӣ ба дунё омад.
In the village of Panjrudi in the Zarfashon valley the famous Tajik poet Rudaki was born.

Ба дунё омадан means to come into the world, and is just one of the ways of saying “to be born”.
Аз дунё гузаштан, to leave the world, is one of the ways of saying “to die”.
And … if you like reading about animals born with 5 feet: Дар Панҷакент гӯсолаи 5-поча ба дунё омад.


хушсифат: good quality

Шахтаи Фон – Яғноб 382 ҳазор тонна ангишти хушсифат истихроҷ намуд.
The Fon-Yagnob mine has extracted 382 thousand tons of high quality coal.
Аз чӯби коҷ коғази хушсифат истеҳсол мекунанд.
They produce high quality paper from pine wood.

хуш is a very common prefix. Reading through the words beginning with хуш in a dictionary would be a great way to increase your vocabulary. Here are a few – хушбаён: expressive, хушдил: cheerful, хушманзара: scenic, хушхабар: good news


тирукамон: rainbow

Дирўз баъди борон тирукамон баромад.
Yesterday after the rain a rainbow came out.
Тирукамони ҳафтранг пайдо шуд.
A seven-coloured rainbow appeared.

Sometimes two words or verb stems can be combined with у to form a new word.
тирукамон: rainbow – тир:arrow, камон:bow
рафтуомад: relationship – рафт: past tense stem of to go, омад: past tense stem of to come
нигоҳубин: care – нигоҳ: a look, бин – present tense stem of to see


фоиз: percent

Ман 100 фоиз тарафдори шумо ҳастам.
I am 100 percent on your side.
80 фоизи сокинони Хатлон оби тоза надоранд.
80 percent of the residents of Khatlon don’t have clean water.

synonym for фоиз: дарсад (link to see sentences using дарсад)
Example: 25 фоизи занону 21 дарсади мардони тоҷик фишори баланд доштаанд.


тарафдор: supporter

Кӣ тарафдор ва кӣ мухолиф?
Who is a supporter and who is an adversary? (Who is for and who is against?)
Касе, ки тарафдори Ман нест, дар асл муқобили Ман аст.
The person who is not a follower of me is in fact against me.

тараф (side) + дор (from доштан: to have) = тарафдор (someone who is on the same side)
For more examples of words that use the suffix дор, see this pdf.