Interactive Resources

Games and flash cards online

  • Tajik Flashcards – Sets of flash cards developed by the US Department of Security. Interactive flash cards, with several options for how to use. For a challenge try space race.
  • Intermediate learning modules. From CelCAR. There are 10 different texts to read and listen to. There are also 7 learning activities that go along with each text. You have to register to use this material, but registration is free.
  • Multimedia CD-ROMS. From CeLCAR. Samples of multimedia CD-ROMs that are available to buy. The sample lesson is about food. There are games and audio to help you learn the words.
  • Memrise is a website where people can create interactive lessons for others. Search for Tajik and you will find several. Maybe you could even make your own. (Memrise does not list Tajik as a separate language on their site. Tajik lessons are listed under Persian. They have to have 50 requests for a new language category before they will consider adding it.)