Things to Read

Tajik websites

  • Wikipedia articles in Tajik
  • Navrasta Travel to Tajikistan tourist information site (also in English)
  • Asia Plus online Tajik news
  • Tiroz This is mostly a Russian site, but there are loads of really great pages filled with interesting Tajik articles. Here are the links to Us and Nature and Advice (recipes, exercise, building things etc.).
  • Мисол, a new educational website with lots of great things to read. There are stories, proverbs and sayings, history and loads of other topics.

Read the Signs

Tajik textbooks

  • Tajik textbooks: From this website you can download textbooks from grades 1 to 11 in all subjects. Intermediate learners – try grade 2 Санъат ва меҳнат or Математика. Advanced learners – how about grade 6 География or grade 9 Биология?
  • Tajik textbooks: This is the new site for the public library, and you can also download the textbooks from here. They seem to be the same ones as in the above link, but this is a nicer site.
  • Tajik textbooks: This site probably has a lot of the same books, but there are more books and they are arranged by subject rather than by grade.
  • Tajik fiction: Also from the public library. Tajik works of fiction that can be downloaded as PDFs.
  • Essays: If you want some heavier reading, the public library has a collection of short essays including short autobiographies of famous Tajik people.

Tajik books

  • Over 30 Tajik books that have been translated from English into Tajik. Although for language learning it is better to read native-to-native resources, these books are valuable resources for reading and discussing.
  • Tajik Bible


  • TED Talks – English with Tajik subtitles.