Video Resources Online

Learning Tajik

Tajik videos for children

  • Tajik Kids TV – YouTube channel with songs for children. Very easy to understand; can be used for language learning.

Tajik films

  • The Miracle of Love, Муҷизаи Ишқ – A student at the agricultural university falls in love with a girl studying at the medical university. Interesting points – dating, хостгорӣ, tuberculosis
  • Меҳроб – A young Tajik devout Muslim man leaves his village to go and study in the capital city, but when he arrives things quickly go wrong. Very strange movie, but good for language. Interesting points – conversion to Islam, love.
  • The Story of Jesus for Children
  • Jesus film
  • There are a lot more Tajik films on youtube. Check here: Тоҷикфилм

Tajik short videos

Current Events

Movie clips translated into local dialects

Comedy sketches – local dialects

Tajik cartoons

Other fun stuff

  • Ну погоди – this cartoon series is usually wordless but this one has a song that has been translated into Tajik.
  • Tajik song using clips from Shrek.
  • Short song clips – 8 minutes of short music clips from Disney cartoons with Tajik audio. Funny.