тирукамон: rainbow

Дирўз баъди борон тирукамон баромад.
Yesterday after the rain a rainbow came out.
Тирукамони ҳафтранг пайдо шуд.
A seven-coloured rainbow appeared.

Sometimes two words or verb stems can be combined with у to form a new word.
тирукамон: rainbow – тир:arrow, камон:bow
рафтуомад: relationship – рафт: past tense stem of to go, омад: past tense stem of to come
нигоҳубин: care – нигоҳ: a look, бин – present tense stem of to see


тарафдор: supporter

Кӣ тарафдор ва кӣ мухолиф?
Who is a supporter and who is an adversary? (Who is for and who is against?)
Касе, ки тарафдори Ман нест, дар асл муқобили Ман аст.
The person who is not a follower of me is in fact against me.

тараф (side) + дор (from доштан: to have) = тарафдор (someone who is on the same side)
For more examples of words that use the suffix дор, see this pdf.


донишҷӯ: student

Ту донишҷӯӣ?
Are you a university student?
Дар факултаи мо панҷоҳ нафар донишҷӯ таҳсил мекунад.
Fifty students study in our department.

донишҷӯ = дон + иш + ҷӯ
дон – present tense stem of донистан: to know
дониш – adding the suffix иш makes a noun, дониш: knowledge
ҷӯ – present tense stem of ҷӯстан: to look for, to seek
донишҷӯ = knowledge seeker
Донишҷӯ is used for university students. A student in school would be талаба.