пӯлод: steel

Милтиқу тӯп аз пӯлод сохта мешаванд.
Guns and cannons are made from steel.
Корду қайчӣ низ аз пӯлод сохта мешаванд.
Knives and scissors are also made from steel.

If you want to ask what something is made from you can do it like this:
Корду қайчӣ аз чӣ сохта мешавад?
What are knives and scissors made from?


порсол: last year

Ин китобро ман порсол харида будам.
I bought this book last year.
Порсол дар Тоҷикистон беш аз 1200 тонна пилла истеҳсол шуда буд.
Last year in Tajikistan more than 1200 tons of silk cocoons were produced.

Try to use the word “порсол” five times today in your conversations.
Find out how to say “two years ago” or “the year before last”.


гузаранда: contagious, infectious

Илми тиб касалиҳоро ба ду навъ ҷудо мекунад: касалиҳои гузаранда ва касалиҳои нагузаранда.
Medical science divides illnesses into two types: infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases.

Ask a friend to give you examples of infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases.
In English we can describe other things as being contagious, for example, laughter. In Tajik, can something other than a disease be contagious?