роҳ: road, way

Хонаи онҳо дар наздики роҳ буд.
Their house was near the road.
Рохи дигар ёфтан даркор буд.
Another way had to be found.

Роҳи сафед.: White road.
Роҳи сафед is a very common phrase said to somebody about to leave on a journey. White represents good fortune and other good things. So you can translate this phrase as “May your trip be good (or safe)”, or simply as “have a great trip”.
роҳи оҳан: railroad
роҳи сулҳ: the way of peace


қаиқ: boat

Вақти шаб шуд онҳо ба қаиқ савор шуда, ба соҳили дигари баҳр равона шуданд.
When evening came they got in the boat and headed for the other side of the sea.
“Ин моҳӣ аз қаиқи ман дарозтар будааст”, гуфт пирамард.
“This fish was longer than my boat,” said the old man.

Don’t get mixed up between this word and кайк – a flea. (Could make for some interesting language faux pas.)
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дарё: river

Дарозтарин дарё дар ҷаҳон дарёи Нил мебошад..
The longest river in the world is the river Nile.
Дарёи Вахш зимистон камоб мешавад.
The Vakhsh river is shallow in the winter.

ча is a suffix that can be used to mean something small. So дарёча is a small river, or a stream.


саёҳат: trip, journey

Агар ҳаво нағз шавад, мо ба саёҳат меравем.
If the weather is nice we will go on a trip.
Бачаҳо хурсанд буданд, ки муаллим онҳоро ба саёҳат мебарад.
The children were happy that the teacher would take them on a trip.

The suffix -чӣ can be added to a noun to form a new noun that is a type of person. Саёҳатчӣ is therefore a traveler or tourist.
Adding suffixes is a great way to increase your vocabulary. Check out lots more examples on this pdf: Expand Your Vocabulary – Suffixes.