бачагона: children’s, of (or for) children

Дар китобхонаи бачагона кор мекунам.
I work in the children’s library.
Ман аз мағоза либоси бачагона харидам.
I bought children’s clothes from the shop.

When the suffix она is added to a noun, it becomes an adjective. When the noun ends in a vowel the suffix is гона.
бача: child
бачагона: children’s
зан: woman
занона: women’s
мард: man
мардона: men’s
писар: boy
писарона: boy’s
духтар: girl
духтарона: girl’s

адабиёти бачагона: children’s literature, literature for children
сурудҳои бачагона: children’s songs, songs for children
мактаби мусиқии бачагона: children’s music school

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