бошанда: inhabitant

Бошандагони деҳа ба душман аз болои девор тир мекушоданд.
The inhabitants of the village opened fire on the enemy from the top of the wall.
Аз рӯи кашфиёти археологӣ маълум мешавад, ки бошандагони ин деҳа ба касби кулолӣ, бофандагӣ ва оҳанолотсозӣ машғул буданд.
From the archaeological discoveries, it is clear that the inhabitants of this village were engaged in pottery, weaving and ironwork.

When adding a plural ending to an animate (living) object, you can use the ending -он instead of -ҳо. When the noun ends with the letter а then -гон is used instead of -он.
Examples –
фаришта: angel
фариштагон: angels
намоянда: representative
намояндагон: representatives
You can read more about plural endings in this pdf lesson: A Lesson On Plurals

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