боғи ботаникӣ

боғи ботаникӣ: botanic garden

Дар шаҳрҳои калони Австралия боғҳои ботаникӣ мавҷданд.
In the big cities of Australia there are botanic gardens.
Дар боғи ботаникии шаҳри Душанбе садҳо дарахту буттаҳо аз тамоми гӯшаҳои ҷаҳон ҷамъ оварда шудаанд.
In the botanic garden of the city of Dushanbe hundreds of trees and bushes from every corner of the world have been gathered.

You can’t have the letter ӣ in the middle of a word. In the second sentence, there is added information after “боғи ботаникӣ”, that is, which botanic garden, the one in the city of Dushanbe. To connect that an extra и has to be added to the end of ботаникӣ, and the letter ӣ must also be changed to и.

ботаник: botanist (also гиёҳшинос)
ботаника: botany (also гиёҳшиносӣ)

Interesting fact: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the botanic garden in Khorog is the highest in the world. You can read more about that garden here: Боғи Нодир.

The botanic garden in Dushanbe is in this list of top 10 places to visit in Dushanbe. Read about it and the other places here: 10 ҷойи ҷолиби Душанбе.

For more information on the Dushanbe botanic garden and its history, see this article on Wikipedia: Боғи Ирам.

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