вохӯрдан: to meet, to meet up

Онҳо баъд аз чанд вақт бо ҳам вомехӯранд?
After how much time will they meet up with each other?
Баъди се моҳи дигар ба Молинди расида ва дар он ҷо баҳрнавардон бо ҳамдигар воҳӯрданд.
After three more months they reached Malindi and there the seafarers met up with each other.

There is a group of complex verbs in which a prefix has been added to a simple verb, such as баромадан, даровардан, даргушазтан. In a few of these complex verbs any additional prefix (ме- or на-) will come after the initial prefix.

даргирифтан: to catch fire
баргаштан: to return

Examples with additional prefixes ме- and на-
Present-future tense: дармегирад, бармегардам, вомехӯрем
Negation in the past: дарнагирифт, барнагаштам, вонахӯрдем
Negation in the future: дарнамегирад, барнамегардам, вонамехӯрем

If you know more examples of this kind of complex verb you can list them in the comment section.

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