гулбарг: petal

Ранги гулбаргҳои кӯкнор бунафш, гулобӣ, сурх ва сафед мешавад.
Poppy petals are purple, pink, red or white.
Гули дарахти биҳӣ калон буда, ранги гулбаргҳояш сафед ё гулобии хушбӯй мебошад.
The flowers of a quince tree are large, and its sweet-smelling petals are white or pink.

In Tajik, when talking about colours, the word ранг (colour) is almost always used, ранги кабуд instead of кабуд, for example. If we translate these two sentences word for word into English it will sound unnatural, for example, “The colour of poppy petals is purple, pink, red and white.”

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