гуфтугӯ кардан

гуфтугӯ кардан: to converse, to talk

Модарат ва бародаронат дар берун истодаанд ва мехоҳанд бо ту гуфтугӯ кунанд.
Your mother and brothers are standing outside and they want to talk to you.
Дар бозор ҳар рӯз бо ҳар кӣ вомехӯрд, гуфтугӯ мекард.
Every day in the market he conversed with everyone that he met.

Synonyms: гуфтушунид кардан, ба ҳамдигар гап задан

гуфтугӯ: conversation (noun)

This word is derived from гуфтан (to say, to tell) and implies a two-way conversation, as opposed to one person giving a speech.

The verb вохӯрдан (in the second sentence) is one in a small group of verbs where the prefix ме does not come at the beginning. You can read more about that in yesterday’s word of the day here – вохӯрдан: to meet

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