даҳҳо: tens, dozens

Дар Душанбе даҳҳо театр, музей ва китобхонаҳо мавҷуданд.
In Dushanbe there are dozens of theatres, museums and libraries.
Дар натиҷаи тарма даҳҳо роҳи хурду бузург баста шуданд.
As a result of the avalanche dozens of small and large roads were blocked.

даҳ: ten

It sounds a bit strange in English to say “tens of” in these sentences, although that is what this word means. There is no Tajik word for “dozens”.

даҳҳо ҳазор: tens of thousands
даҳҳо миллион: tens of millions

In those examples, the words ҳазор and миллион are not pluralized.

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