девор: wall

Дар девор харитаи осмон овехтам.
I hung a map of the sky on the wall.
Вай савора омада, дар сояи девори баланде қарор гифифт.
He rode up, and rested in the shade of a tall wall.

девори калъа: castle wall, fortress wall
девори шаҳр: city wall
девори похса: mud wall

There are several verbs for “to build a wall” – девор сохтан, девор кашидан, девор задан, девор кардан

To make wall into an adjective, add the suffix ӣ.
соати деворӣ: wall clock

Tajik saying:
Девор муш дорад, муш гӯш дорад.
Walls have mice, mice have ears.
It means, be careful when telling a secret because you don’t know who might be listening.

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