зиндагӣ кардан

зиндагӣ кардан: to live

Шумо дар куҷо зиндагӣ мекунед?
Where do you live?
Ӯ дар ҳавлие зиндагӣ мекард, ки боғчаи хубе дошт.
He lived in a (house with a) yard that had a nice little garden.

Synonyms: зистан, умр дидан
A little tip I learned recently. If you want to find out which of two words is more common just do a google search for them both and compare number of results. In this case I googled the same tense of these three verbs – “зиндагӣ карданд” 1460; “зистанд” 767; “умр диданд” 28.

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