истеҳсол кадран

истеҳсол кадран: to produce

Дар давоми 6 моҳ дар Тоҷикистон 2096 кг тилло истеҳсол карда шуд.
Within 6 months in Tajikistan 2096 kilos of gold have been produced.
Аз кӯҳҳои Помир нуқраю тилло ва сангҳои қиматбаҳо истеҳсол карданд.
From the mountains of the Pamirs, silver, gold and precious stones were produced.

Notice that the word истеҳсол has the same three root consonants (ҳ, с, л) as the word ҳосил (harvest, product, result) and маҳсулот (products, produce, output).
Make use of suffixes to add more words to your vocabulary. истеҳсолкунанда: producer (noun), истеҳсолӣ: productive (adj.)

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