калтакалос: lizard

Дар Тоҷикистон 33 намуди калтакалос дучор мешаванд.
In Tajikistan one can find 33 kinds of lizards.
Аз дуди офтобпараст муш ва калтакалосҳо мегурезанд.
Mice and lizards run away from the smoke of sunflowers.

Also called келас.

The first sentence is written in 3rd person plural, but the English translation is better in 3rd person singular.

Notice that in the second sentence the word for mice does not have the plural ending, ҳо. That is because when listing items the plural ending only has to go on the last item in the list; putting it on the other items is optional, but usually left off. It is understood from context that both words are plural.

You can read about lizards on Tajik Wikipedia: Калтакалос

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