кифоя: enough

Барои одамони калон ҳашт соат хоб кардан кифоя аст.
For adults, eight hours of sleep is enough.
Шаш ҳазор рубли русӣ барои зиндагии дар пойтахти Русия кифоя нест.
Six thousand Russian rubles is not enough for living in the capital of Russia.

Synonyms: басанда, кофӣ
Another way to express if something is enough:
мерасад: it is enough; it will be enough
намерасад: it is not enough; it will not be enough
Here is a Tajik pop song: Кифоя нест (It is not enough). I couldn’t find the lyrics online. Maybe somebody would like to take on the challenge to translate it and put the lyrics in the comments.

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