меҳрубон: kind

Модарам бисёр зани меҳрубон ва дилсӯз буд.
My mother was a very kind and compassionate woman.
Муҳаббат пурсабр ва меҳрубон аст.
Love is patient and kind.

Describing things and people well is an advanced level skill. We need to get past the point of describing everything good as simply “нағз”. Making an effort to learn more adjectives is well worth it. Instead of describing your mother as a good woman, how would you describe her? Loving, gracious, compassionate, full of energy, welcoming, hot-tempered, strict? Ask your local friends to tell you the difference between a good teacher and a bad teacher, or between a good friend and a bad friend. That is a great way to learn more adjectives.
Here is a worksheet (pdf) that is designed for beginning or intermediate learners, but might also have some value for more advanced learners: Adjectives.

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