нависанда: author

Кароматуло Мирзо яке аз нависандагони номдори тоҷик мебошад.
Karomatullo Mirzo is one of the famous Tajik authors.
Дар кӯдакиам вақте ки муддати дароз касал шудам, ба ман бисъёр китобҳои нависандаҳои рус ва хориҷиро хонда медоданд.
In my childhood when I was sick for a long time, they read to me lots of books with Russian and foreign authors.

There are two plural endings for nouns: ҳо and он. The ending он is only used for animate objects (people, animals etc.) with a few exceptions. The ending ҳо is the usual ending in casual speech. When a noun ends in a vowel the ending is гон instead of он, as in нависандагон.

The word набисанда is composed of the present tense verb stem, навис-, and the suffix анда. Here are a few more words formed in the same way.
хонанда: reader
нӯшанда: drinker
ронанда: driver
харанда: buyer
диҳанда: giver
парастанда: worshipper
чинанда: picker, one who picks

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