навиштан: to write

Ӯ шаш китоб навишт.
He wrote six books.
Онҳо мактуб менависанд.
They will write a letter.

Conjugation in the past –
Ман навиштам: I wrote
Ту навиштӣ: You wrote
Вай навишт: He wrote
Мо навиштем: We wrote
Шумо навиштед: You wrote
Онҳо навиштанд: They wrote
Conjugation in the future –
Ман менависам: I will write
Ту менависӣ: You will write
Вай менависад: He will write
Мо менависем: We will write
Шумо менависед: You will write
Онҳо менависанд: They will write

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