назди: to (near)

Мо имрӯз ба назди ту омада наметавонем.
We can’t come to you today.
Ман назди шумо рафтаниям.
I intend to go to you.

The word назд means “near”. In Tajik it can be used to mean “to” when talking about going to see somebody. For example, in English one might say “I’m going to see my mother.” or “I’m going to my mother’s house.” But in Tajik they might just say, “Ман назди модарам меравам.”

The first sentence could also be (better) translated: We can’t come to see you today. We can’t come to your house today. Likewise, the second sentence could be translated: I intend to go see you. I intend to go to your house.

The second sentence uses a tense that means “intend to” or “want to”. There is more information about that tense in the comment section on this post: деҳа.

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