намак: salt

Намакро барои пухтани қариб ҳамаи таомро истифода мебаранд.
Salt is used for cooking almost all meals.
Дар як тонна оби уқёнус сию панҷ килограмм намак мавҷуд аст.
In one ton of ocean water there are thirty-five kilograms of salt.

The first sentence is literally “They use salt for cooking almost all meals”, but it doesn’t mean specific people; it is in a general sense. In English we might say, “one uses salt for cooking almost all meals”.

намакдон: salt shaker
кони намак: salt mine
намакин: salty
намакшинос: grateful, thankful
кӯрнамак: ungrateful, not thankful

Намак хӯрду намакдон шикаст. – He ate the salt and broke the saltshaker. This idiom means that he repaid a good deed with a bad one.

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