нерӯгоҳи барқи обӣ

нерӯгоҳи барқи обӣ: hydroelectric power plant

Нерӯгоҳи барқи обии Норак дар дарёи Вахш сохта шудааст.
The Nurek hydroelectric power plant was built in the Vakhsh river.
Сохтмони калонтарин нерӯгоҳи барқи обӣ дар Осиёи Марказӣ – НБО Роғун соли 1976 оғоз гардида буд.
Construction of the largest hydroelectric power plant in Central Asia, Rogun HEPP, began in the year 1976.

НБО is the abbreviation for нерӯгоҳи барқи обӣ. The Russian abbreviation is ГЭС (for Гидроэлектростанция), and sometimes in Tajikistan people say the Russian abbreviation “гэс”, as a word, instead of saying нерӯгоҳи барқи обӣ.

нерӯ: power
барқ: electricity
об: water

Here water is used as an adjective which is why the letter ӣ is added to the end.
обӣ: water (adj), of water

The word гоҳ (place) is used in many compound words that are places. Here are some examples.
нерӯгоҳ: power plant; power station
хобгоҳ: dormitory
паноҳгоҳ: shelter
истгоҳ: station
даромадгоҳ: entrance

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