нимтире: hyphen

Аломати нимтире дар байни зарфҳои такрор гузошта мешавад: оҳиста-оҳиста, тез-тез.
A hyphen is placed between repeating adverbs: slowly-slowly, quickly-quickly.
Сифатҳое, ки аз шумораву исм бо пасвандҳои -а, -ӣ (-гӣ) сохта шудаанд: санги 50-грамӣ, вазни 32-килоӣ ва ғ. бо нимтире навишта мешаванд.
Adjectives that are composed of a number and a noun with the suffix -а, -ӣ, (гӣ)- are written with a hyphen: 50-gram stone, 32-kilogram weight etc.

Adjectives are repeated in Tajik for emphasis. A better way to translate to English is to use “very”.
оҳиста-оҳиста: very slowly
тез-тез: very quickly

The Russian word for hyphen, дефис, is still used frequently in Tajikistan.

More punctuation words –
нуқта: period, full stop
вергул: comma
дунуқта: colon
нуқтавергул: semi-colon
аломати савол: question mark
аломати хитоб: exclamation point, exclamation mark
тире: dash
қавсҳо: parentheses, round brackets
нохунак: quotation mark, inverted comma


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