осорхона: museum

Шумо осорхонаро дидаед?
Have you seen the museum?
Ню-Йорк дорои чандин театру осорхонаҳои таърихию фарҳангӣ мебошад.
New York has several theatres and museums of history and culture.

Synonym: музей

осорхонаи таърихӣ: history museum
осорхонаи фарҳангӣ: cultural museum
осорхонаи миллии Тоҷикистон: national museum of Tajikistan
осорхонаи миллии бостоншиносӣ: national museum of archaeology

In the second sentence, notice that the word театр doesn’t have the plural ending. In Tajik, when you have a list of plurals the plural ending (ҳо) only has to be on the last item in the list.

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