панҷоҳу ду

панҷоҳу ду: fifty-two

фурӯшандаҳо нархи як кило гӯштро дар бозорҳо то панҷоҳу ду сомонӣ баланд кардаанд.
The sellers in the markets raised the price of one kilo of meat to fifty-two Somoni.
Дар вақти подшоҳ шуданаш ӯ шонздаҳсола буд, ва панҷоҳу ду сол дар Ерусалим подшоҳӣ кард.
When he became king he was sixteen years old, and he reigned in Jerusalem fifty-two years.

панҷоҳ: fifty
ду: two

When combining thousands, hundreds, tens and digits you use -у or -ю, “and”.
бисту як: twenty-one (twenty and one)
чилу ҳашт: forty-eight (forty and eight)
яксаду сию панҷ: one hundred and thirty-five
ду ҳазору ҳафт: two thousand and seven

When combining a number with a noun, no plural ending is added. Examples:
панҷоҳу ду кас: fifty-two people
панҷоҳу ду пишак: fifty-two cats

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