пойафзол: shoe

Тоза кардани пойафзолро фаромуш накунед!
Don’t forget to clean the shoes!
Пойафзолатро каш, зеро ҷойи истодаат муқаддас аст.
Take off your shoes because the place where you are standing is holy.

As you see in these two sentences, sometimes in Tajik the singular form of the noun is commonly used where in English the plural would be used.

пойафзолро кашидан: to take off shoes
пойафзолро пушидан: to put on shoes

пойафзолдӯзӣ: shoe-making

пойафзоли мардона: men’s shoes
пойафзоли занона: ladies’ shoes
пойафзоли бачагона: children’s shoes

пойафзоли хонагӣ: house shoes
пойафзоли пошнабаланд: high-heeled shoes
пойафзоли варзишӣ: sports shoes

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