сабук: light, easy

Бори ман сабук аст.
My load is light.
Дар ҳавои тоза сайругашт кардан, ба корҳои сабуки ҷисмонӣ машғул шудан зарур аст.
It is important to go for a walk in the fresh air, and engage in light physical activity.

камвазн: light (in weight)
осон: easy

вазнин: heavy
душвор: difficult

ҷазои сабук: light punishment
боди сабук: light wind
касалии сабук: slight illness
хӯроки сабук: light meal, small meal, snack

дардро сабук кардан: to ease the pain
худро сабук ҳис кардан: to feel better
сабук шудан: to become light, to be alleviated (of pain or a burden)

There are many compound words that start with сабук. It would be a good vocabulary building exercise to read through those words in a good dictionary.

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