тараф: side, direction

Дар ду тарафи хона айвонҳои дароз сохта шудаанд.
On two sides of the house long verandas have been built.
Тӯрро ба тарафи рости киштӣ андозед.
Put in the net on the right side of the boat.

The word тараф can also be used to talk about two sides of an argument and two sides of a sports match.

аз ҳар тараф: from all sides, from all directions
тарафи касеро гирифтан: to take a person’s side, to agree with a person
тарафдор: supporter, one who is on your side

Тараф is an Arabic origin word, which in its plural form is атроф. Notice that the three consonants are the same.
атроф: surroundings, around
ба атроф = ба ҳар тараф : all around

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