фурудгоҳ: airport

Аз фурудгоҳ ба хонаи падарам омадем.
We came from the airport to my father’s house.
Фурудгоҳи «Отатурк»-и шаҳри Истамбули Туркия аз 31 октябри соли равон қабули мусофиронро қатъ мекунад.
From 31st of October of the current year, Ataturk airport in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, will stop the receiving of travelers.

In Tajikistan many people still use the Russian word for airport, аэропорт, instead of the Tajik word. It is good to know both.

You can read more about the closing of Ataturk airport here, Фурудгоҳи «Отатурк», where you can also find today’s second sentence.

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