чен кардан

чен кардан: to measure

Суръати бодро бо асбоби анемометр чен мекунанд.
They measure wind speed with an anemometer.
Ҳафт бор чен куну як бор бур.
Measure seven times, and cut one time.

Synonym: андоза кардан

ченкунак: measuring tape, measuring tool
ченкунӣ: measuring

In English one could say, “Wind speed is measured with an anemometer” (passive voice) rather than “They measure wind speed with an anemometer”. In Tajik it is less common to use the passive voice and more common to use the third person plural, as in today’s sample sentence.
Also, in the first sentence, the word асбоб means tool or instrument, but it is not needed in the English translation.

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