чӣ: what

Ин чӣ маъно дорад?
What meaning does this have? (What does this mean?)
Ба шаҳр рав, ва дар он ҷо ба ту гуфта мешавад, ки чӣ бояд кунӣ.
Go to the city, and there you will be told what you must do.

When the word чӣ has anything attached at the end, the letter ӣ becomes и because you can’t have the letter ӣ in the middle of a word. Examples –
Номи шумо чист? (What is your name?) The words чӣ (what) and аст (is) combine to form чист.
Аз матн чиро фаҳмидед? (What did you understand from the text?) Here чӣ takes the direct object marker ро.

More examples for this common word –
Чӣ мехоҳед, ҷой ё об? What do you want, tea or water?
Чӣ фикр мекунӣ? What do you think?
Чӣ кор мекунед? What are you going to do? What are you doing?
Боз чӣ гуфт? What else did he say?
Ин чист? What is this?
Чӣ шуд? What happened?
Чӣ дорӣ? What do you have?

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