шумо: you

Шумо нарафтед, ман ҳам нарафтам.
You didn’t go, I also didn’t go.
Шумо рӯзи дароз кор мекунед.
You work all day long.

Шумо is the plural “you” and ту is the singular “you”. Generally, in Tajik the plural you (шумо) is used when you want to be polite and when you are speaking to somebody older than yourself. Ту is generally used when speaking to somebody younger than you and when speaking to your peers. When to use шумо and when to use ту can be confusing, and it also differs from family to family. When in doubt, use “шумо”.

Note, that шумо can also mean “your”. Example:
Мо ба хонаи шумо омадем. We came to your house.

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