ҳашарот: insect

Дар Тоҷикистон 380 хели паранда ва беш аз 10 ҳазор намуди ҳашарот вомехӯранд.
In Tajikistan 380 kinds of birds and more than 10 thousand kinds of insects can be found.
Шимпанзеҳо мева, реша, ҳашарот ва тухми паррандаҳоро мехӯранд.
Chimpanzees eat fruit, roots, insects and bird eggs.

ҳашаротшинос: entomologist

For the first sentence, вомехӯранд means “they meet”. In Tajik the third person plural is often used instead of the passive voice.

Notice in the second sentence that when you have a list of items the direct object marker -ро is only added to the last item in the list.

This word is Arabic in origin. The suffix -от is the plural ending in Arabic. Ҳашарот is the Scientific class, insect, or the collection of insects. Many of these Arabic words with the plural ending are used in Tajik as singular words. The singular of ҳашарот is ҳашара, but that is not often used.

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