аввал: first

Аввал авқот паз, баъд телевизор тамошо кун.
First cook the food, then watch television.
Ин бори аввал нест, ки ман туро дар инҷо мебинам.
This is not the first time that I have seen you here.

2 забурмасал (proverbs, sayings) –
Аввал андеша баъд гуфтор. First a thought, then a speech. Equivalent to “Think before you speak”.
Аввал бубин ҷои худ, баъд бимон пои худ. First see your place, then put your foot. Similar to “Look before you leap”. It is often used in relation to financial decisions, as in “don’t take on more than you can handle”.

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