алифбо: alphabet

Алифбои забони тоҷикӣ аз сию панҷ ҳарф иборат аст.
The Tajik language alphabet is composed of thirty-five letters.
Калимаҳо дар луғатҳо аз рӯйи тартиби алифбо ҷойгир карда мешаванд.
The words in dictionaries are placed in order of the alphabet.

The word “alphabet” was formed from the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, alif, and бо (with).

Алифбо is also the name of the first textbook that Tajik children use in school to learn the alphabet.

алифбо навиштан: to write the alphabet
иди алифбо: alphabet celebration (when grade 1 students celebrate having learned the alphabet)

Watch the Tajik alphabet song on youtube: Tajik Alphabet Song

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