андак: a little (bit), a small amount

Андак сабр кунед, ман зуд меоям.
Be a little bit patient; I will come quickly.
Пеши Ӯ як порча моҳии бирён ва андак асали мумдор монданд.
They put one portion of fried fish and a small amount of honeycomb in front of him.

In Tajik you can sometimes repeat the word to give it more emphasis, for example, андак-андак. Sometimes the word is changed a bit as in андак-мундак (a very little bit). Other examples of this are сип-сиёҳ (very black), калон-калон or кап-калон (very big), and тип-торик (very dark).

дар андак муддат: in a little while

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