бахшидан: to forgive

Ва хоҷаи он ғулом, раҳмаш омада, вайро озод кард ва қарзашро ба вай бахшид. .
And the master of that slave had pity, released him, and forgave him his debt.
Агар бародарат рӯзе ҳафт бор зидди ту гуноҳ кунад ва рӯзе ҳафт бор баргашта, гӯяд: “Тавба кардам”, — ӯро бахш.
If your brother sins against you seven times in the day, and seven times comes back and says, “I repent”, – forgive him.

Synonym: авф кардан

The verb бахшидан also means to give, to give without getting anything in return, to present.
Ин кордро ба ту мебахшам. I give you this knife. I present to you this knife.

The verb бахшидан is also used as a helper verb and can  be substituted for the verb додан
илҳом бахшидан, илҳом додан: to inspire, to give inspiration
нур бахшидан, нур додан: to illuminate, to give light
шифо бахшидан, шифо додан: to heal, to give healing

The stem of the verb, -бахш, can be combined with a noun to form an adjective.
илҳомбахш: inspiring
нурбахш: illuminating
шифобахш: healing

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