баҳрнавард: mariner, seafarer

Норманнҳо баҳрнавардони моҳир буданд.
The Normans were skilled mariners.
Дар нимаи аввали асри XVII баҳрнавардони ҳоландӣ соҳилҳои Австралияро кашф мекунанд.
In the first half of the 17th century Dutch seafarers discovered the shores of Australia.

навард: present tense stem of навардидан
навардидан: to wrap, to travel

Навард is used in compound words and has the meaning of “traveller”.
раҳнавард: hiker, walker
қайҳоннавард: astronaut
кӯҳнавард: mountaineer

In written material the plural ending -он is more common than -ҳо. The plural ending -он is only used for animate objects (living things), although there are also some exceptions.

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