бесабаб нест, ки

бесабаб нест, ки: it is not without cause that

Бесабаб нест, ки мегӯянд: «Ҳар кас дар ватани худ подшоҳ аст!»
It is not without cause that they say, “Everyone is king in his own country!”
Бесабаб нест, ки Абӯалӣ ибни Синоро яке аз бузургтарин мутафаккирони ҳамаи замонҳову халқҳо шуморидаанд.
It is not without cause that they considered Abu Ali Ibn Sina to be one of the greatest thinkers of all time and peoples.

This phrase could also be translated “it is not surprising that…” or “it is no wonder that…”.

сабаб: reason
аз чӣ сабаб: for what reason; why
аз ҳамин сабаб: for this reason

Abu Ali Ibn Sina is also known as Avicenna.

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