ваъда кардан

ваъда кардан: to promise

Китоберо, ки ба шумо ваъда карда будам, фиристодам.
I sent the book that I had promised to you.
Онҳо ваъда карданду шумо ба суханҳои онҳо бовар кардед?
They promised and you believed what they said?

Synonyms: ваъда додан, қавл додан, аҳд кардан

ваъда: promise (noun)

In Tajik nouns can be combined with helper verbs to form other verbs. The noun ваъда can be combined with the verbs кардан, додан, and намудан to give 3 different verbs (ваъда кардан, ваъда додан, ваъда намудан) that can all be translated in English as “to promise”.

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