вақт: time

Вақтам нест.
I have no time.
Вақтеро, ки Замин дар гирди меҳвараш давр мезанад, шабонарӯз мегӯянд, ки 24 соат аст.
The time in which Earth rotates on its axis is called a day, which is 24 hours.

As in English, вақт (time) has many uses. It can mean time of day, or time in a general sense. For example-
вақти баҳор: spring time
вақти холӣ: free time
вақти шаб: evening time
вақти тутпазӣ: the time when the mulberries are ripening
кадом вақт: which time, when
ҳеҷ вақт: never
ҳама вақт: always

To see lots more ways to use the word вақт check out the Tajik Dictionary. (Scroll down to page 261.)

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