гарм: warm, hot

Корду тахтачаҳоро бо оби гарм нағз шустан лозим аст.
It is necessary to wash the knives and cutting boards well with hot water.
Дар мамлакатҳои иқлимаш гарму хушк оби дарёҳо барои обёрӣ сарф мешавад.
In countries where the climate is warm and dry water from rivers is used for irrigation.

Opposite: сард, хунук (cold)

ҳавои гарм: warm weather
хӯроки гарм: hot food, hot meal
гарм кардан: to heat
гарм шудан: to get hot
нони гарм: hot bread, fresh bread

Notice in the first sentence that there is no plural ending on knives. When two or more plural nouns are listed in Tajik, the plural ending only has to go on the last item in the list.

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