гов: cow

Ман шаш сар гов дорам.
I have six cows.
Аз пӯсти гов чарм истеҳсол мекунанд.
Leather is produced from cow skin.

Special Counting Words (нумератив)
Tajik has some special words used with numbers. These are called classifiers or numeratives. They are often left out when translating into English. Examples-
дона: piece, unit
сар: head (for counting animals)
нафар: person (for counting people)

Alternatively, the classifier то (or та) can be added as a suffix to the number.
Ман шашто гов дорам. I have six cows.

In Tajik, the plural ending ҳо is not used on the noun when it is preceded by a number.

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