гусел кардан

гусел кардан: to see off, to send off

Писару модар боборо гусел карданд.
The son and mother saw grandfather off.
Чун вақти мо ба охир расид, боз ба роҳ даромадем, ва ҳама бо занону бачаҳошон моро то беруни шаҳр гусел карданд.
When our time came to an end, we set off on the road again, and everyone with their wives and children saw us off to the outside of the city.

Synonyms: гуселонидан, хайрухуш кардан

гуселкунанда: the person who sees somebody off

In Tajik culture it is very important to see your guests off properly. When visiting somebody who lives in a house with a yard, the host family will accompany the guests to the gate to say goodbye there. If the guests have arrived by car the host family will usually go out to the car with them. If the guests have walked, then somebody from the host family might walk half way home with them. When a friend or family member leaves on an airplane it would not be unusual for many friends and family members to come to the airport to see them off.

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